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Deadlines Done, Christmas on the Agenda!

Winter has arrived in its glorious splendor and I managed to get all my deadlines met and so I'm a bit relaxed as I plan a weekend of baking our annual Christmas cookies & finish my shopping. I'm not looking forward to the latter.  This year I cut my Christmas budget in half and guess what? Less shopping! It's totally a win-win. Now I putter around, putting things in order for next year!

My intent is always to share my column with you but I keep forgetting! Here is my latest offering in The Central Voice of Art & Soul. I interviewed a talented young musician, Nick Earle who, along with his buddy, Joe Coffin was just awarded a Canadian Folk Music award. Nick was in town so I went to the studio at Citadel House where we had a grand chat about his work. You can hear the interview here at Bridges Radio.  A new episode airs tonight which will feature a song by this award-winning blues duo.

Meanwhile, I must carry on with my preparations for the upcoming holidays. The b…

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