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Happy New Year! Big plans for 2020!

Hello out there!
Here I go again, not posting forEVER then jumping in on the last day of the year to write a blog post!

How did I get out of the blogging habit anyway? It was a great deal of fun and I don't even know why I stopped.

Anyway, here we are on the cusp of a new year. Looking back over the last one as I set her with my hair in a clip, shawl over my shoulders, trying to decide if I should tidy up or read a book, I do neither by blogging. Seems about right.

2019 was, by all accounts a stellar one. I published my first historical fiction book and it seems to have been well received by most people. It's not a bestseller, it isn't an award winner but it's a project people who read it responded to enthusiastically.

I did a huge number of book signings, even a very well-attended one in Stratford, Ontario when I was there in the fall.

There were reader reviews and editorial reviews and I'm pleased that people liked the story I wrote.

So while that was a lot of fu…

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