Rebranding & Recharging; Writing in a Pandemic

Hello friends! I hope you have been keeping well. This pandemic really threw a wrench into all my best-laid plans and cut short my production year which usually ends in late June but this year came to a halt in March. You see, for a writer, having everybody home for months at a time is a bit of a challenge. I have written but it's been sporadic. Well, I did draft a novella and chucked 55000 words into a novel and wrote a short story I've submitted for a writer's retreat in two days but it still feels like I'm behind. And I am. I think

Now though, we're at zero cases, have mandatory mask laws and generally have a semi-normal existence happening. And the kids are planning to start school in two weeks! So excited. So, I took some time to do a complete rebrand. I've got some interesting work coming to you in the near future. So much. Nothing I can tell you about yet but some good things. Either way, check out the new look, which of course you can see at the top of this blog. Let me know what you think. One friend said "It just pushes the line of Romance Goth and a whole lot of other genres. It is VERY VERY eye-catching and yes.. even JUST LOVE IT. It's like your eyes are just burrowing into the reader's soul... JUST WILD... AWESOME."

Now that's the kind of enthusiasm I love! Let me know what you think.