About Carolyn R. Parsons

In the absence of information, people compose stories to explain what is going on around them. This is the reason there is paranoia, gossip and political craziness.

It's also why I am a poet and a writer. I am desperate to fill in the gaps in my knowledge by creating the reasons on paper.  For most, storytelling manifests in chats and conversations and opinions expressed across a dinner table or at the water cooler. For the writer, that natural instinct becomes an obsession. The compulsion to communicate the crazy thoughts in my head into written form was codified into my DNA and so here we are.

I love to write poetry. It's my first love. Then following that there is fiction. Oh, I love to make up stories of people. As a child, I spent my time imagining scenarios and writing stories in my head for the people around me and myself. My imagination was my escape from boredom.

I still live in my head much of the time and get quite cranky when I have to leave it behind for the outside world but then find, I also love to be in life and living it as well.

I'm an activist because the world has some really fucked up shit going on. After coming through a big battle with the Canadian federal government with a victory, see HERE, the exhaustion from that time led me to decide to spend my time these days putting my energy into the arts.

I write an arts column for The Central Voice, newspaper, co-host a local radio program called Bridges and write books (Here they are!)

Stick around. I'll be back!