Canada Book Awards Winner!

You may have noticed above, a fancy sticker on the cover of The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott! You cannot imagine my excitement to get an email on the eve of a massive snowstorm here in the province informing me that "Betsy" was a Canada Book Awards Winner. 

What the heck is it? I knew you would ask that. Here is what I was told in my congratulations email.

“The Canada Book Awards program recognizes Canadian books for their creative achievement and contribution to the world."

" Multiple award-winning author Randall Dale Chipkar founded the Canada Book Awards program to recognize and promote Canadian author accomplishment."

"The Canada Book Awards program recognizes and promotes Canadian author outstanding accomplishment.”

I am thrilled that 'Betsy' met the criteria of the awarding committee and was given this honour. Thank you Canada Book Awards for awarding The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott a Canada Book Award!