My book is going to the Moon!


My very first novel is called The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle. It's a love story, a family drama that is filled with moon references and metaphors about the fictional town that is its setting, Rare Moon Tickle. Why did I write it? Well because I was drawn to the story. Why did I name the place Rare Moon Tickle? Because I am drawn to the moon.

Perhaps I am fascinated by the moon because of my own family lore that has me sitting with my Uncle Bruce Parsons on July 20, 1969, at age three watching the first moonwalk by Neil Armstrong. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," he said as he took those famous steps. I don't remember the moment, I was only a toddler after all, but I've always known that I watched and it connected me to all the others in the world who saw that event live and forever, and certainly, it connected me to the moon.

It's always fascinated me. The sun, it's owned by all the planets but the moon belongs to earth and earthlings alone. It drew the tides around the shores of Change Islands, where I grew up, and set them back when done. It impacted their heights and changed our moods. It is a part of great literature, the light through yonder window breaking, a line that has survived the ages, is as well known as any ever spoken. The moon is both mystifying and real. She's been adored and explored. And she is also on my freakin' radar bigtime right now.

Because it is with a great deal of excitement that I tell you what is happening this fall! A rocket ship bearing its first commercial payload will be heading for the moon and guess what? My books will be on it!  That's right, The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott, my latest novel and all of my past work, an upcoming novella, The Key of Impasto, all my manuscripts, my daughter's poetry book, an essay written by my daughter, a photo created by my granddaughter, a note from my grandson and even my freakin' family tree. That's right, we're all going in digital form, to the moon!

Isn't that out of this world? Literally and Literarily? 

How did this all come to be?

See that adorable little guy to the left. He is Perigrine Lander and it will carry the moon box containing the payload. It was created by a company called Astrobotic in Pittsburg, USA.  Susan Kaye Quinn, an incredible author is the brains behind this endeavor. She purchased the space on the lander and then hosted a lottery and we all won! 125 authors entered. The goal initially was 50 but received all of our files so quickly and processed them so fast, she had time to take the rest so it was a lottery where everybody won! The initiative is called Writers on the Moon!

This is the first time books will have been sent to the moon in this way. They will be placed, along with the rest of the payload from around the world, in the DHL moon box. Then, when the time comes, sometimes after March 1, it will be transported from there to the launch site. The rocket the lander that will transport our payload is called the Vulcan Centaur and it will be launched in fall of 2021.

The lander will set down on the moon and then the payload will be left on the moon's surface for some future moon explorer to find. The area of the landing is called Lacus Mortis.  I have a lovely story and a photo to tell in a future post about the location and the names of the various seas and peaks on the moon. For now, I'm just excited to share this news with you. 

There will be lots of videos as things move along of the payload being placed in the lander, the lander going to the launch location, and even, eventually the launch itself. I'll be following the blog at and you are all welcome to participate in that. Follow my blog and keep up as well or sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post!

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Look at the moon, and imagine a tiny library of earth books sitting there awaiting discovery. That's what we have to look forward to!

Oh, and I write historical fiction and if you want to check out my books here you go! 

So exciting!

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