In Good Company

Today I received a message from someone who had purchased my poetry book, Wind Rhymes. She informed me that my book was number 77 on the Amazon Canadian Poetry List. I found this oddly exciting and then was immediately saddened when my friend who checked the link said it wasn't there.

So I investigated and saw that I'd sold a few more copies bumping my book up to number ten so there is my little book sitting on the Amazon list surrounded by Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood and Anne Carson. What a dinner party!

Being silly and giddy and excited I quickly took a screenshot so that I could share it. I may never be in such good company again!

What a fun journey this is!

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Molly Potter said…
I used to be addicted to my books' Amazon (UK!!!) ranking. I have weaned myself off it slowly and now only allow myself to check them once in a while...because although it's exciting when they go is probably a waste of life!!!!!

However, excitement is excitement!!!
Oh I can see how it can be addicting! This is my first book so I'm psyched. Then I'm never checking again because it's bound to go

I'm more excited about sitting between Cohen and Atwood than the actual rating!

RNSANE said…
Breeze, I think it is all so exciting. I hope your book just climbs and climbs and tops all charts.
Molly Potter said…
Congratulations...on both the book and where you have got to sit. Will you chat to Leonard or Margaret first?
Molly Potter said…
Oh and what will you ask them?
I'd start with favourite colour as a warm up and then ...

if you received an email in your in box that you knew outlined the rest of your life 1) would you look at it and 2) what would you like it to say?

and then

How is you existentialist angst these days?
Marguerite said…
How exciting! Congrats and wishes for continued success! Cheers!
Sylvia said…
Wow! Congratulations!
congratulations that has been a dream of mine for a while so I can only imagine how you are feeling!! that is so great.
You deserve it
Shadow said…
i'd be beyond myself with excitement! well done!!!!!
Chuck Dilmore said…
congratulations, Breeze!

savor this...
for this is
more good to come! (i just know it!)