Kermit the Frog Reporting!

So opportunity knocked and I opened the door, let it in and gave it coffee and cookies. Once again the time to branch out into something entirely new and different has presented itself right when I was ready! the new opportunity is (drum roll please) volunteer television news reporter!

An ad in my inbox for budding reporters/editors/camera people appealed to me so I sent an email with a little blurb about my background. A volunteer opportunity, they provide training in all aspects of creating stories for a brand new local cable television news magazine show being launched in September. The producer, a friendly, energetic and excited woman, was eager for me to join her and the rest of the new team she's assembling.

It will encompass local news stories in all of Stratford and the surrounding areas and in August, after three workshops I should be able to put together a story for the show to the point that the producer can work on it to make it television ready. It involves reporting, writing, camera work and any other aspect I'm interested. Me, being me, is interested in everything but I'm starting with a focus on the reporting and shooting.

It feels exciting to be involved in the community this way. I worked at a community newspaper in another city and it was a fantastic way to get to know people, the regular people as well as the people who drive the city forward, the politicians, the entertainers, the event organizers, the people who make a city grow and breathe.

I love that there is writing involved as well. Writing a news story for television is a skill I will enjoy honing. I adore that a very good friend of mine is also involved and we will likely get to work together on stuff!

So first it was Kermit the Frog, from Sesame Street, now it's live with Breeze on Rogers Cable 20, Stratford Ontario...some big green flippers to fill for sure!

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Very many congratulations - I hope the venture is highly succesful and I send my very best wishes ~ Eddie
Sylvia said…
Great job! I wish you all the best; be happy and successful.
I love Kermit the Frog from the Muppet Show times.
Chuck Dilmore said…
Ooo, la-la!
Nice going!

2 related items...
a) my sister plays violin at Stratford. lives in London.
b) i do a mean Kermit impression!

you are gonna soar!
keep us posted!
yea, YOU!
Anonymous said…
Okay Ms awesome is that!!! Lloyd Robertson...look out! There is a new girl in town! Yahoo Breeze!
Thanks everybody. Chuck..does your sister work at the Festival? You will have to email me her name because I'm sure to be around the festival's the biggest/bestest gig in town and I will be all over the entertainment stuff!

Audrey...I was thinking more along the Peter Mansbridge he actually lives in
Shadow said…
how exciting! i'm happy for you!!
Sara Diana said…
Well done!

Mind you, you write such good articles and thought provoking stuff, you will be great!
Congratulations! And best wishes....
Debbie said…
I am so excited for you! and can't wait to hear more about it!!! good for you!!!