Leaning over the banister
poised to say good morning
she witnesses a miracle
a moment without warning

They flit around without her
independent in their movements
she watches wondering when they started
making such improvements

She backs away quietly
they really don't notice
ignoring mess and different ways
the mother changes focus

She slips into a different role
today she'll let them be
and let them make the mess they make
as they set their mother free

Perfection serves no purpose
the martyr ends up dead
loosen up the rigid rules
let them practice life instead

Mother free yourself from guilt
take time to live and be
you serve no one completely
unless you let yourself be free

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Shadow said…
great message. we aren't worth anything to anyone, nor ourselves, if we aren't functioning the way we should.
Unknown said… this Breeze...and a damn good habit to practice. One of my dear friends here is a young mother of 4 and we share a lot of conversation as I am a father figure to her and advisor to her and her mate. She recently commented on how haywire her little girl is and I reminded her of the eldest child's wildness when she was younger. She remarked how much she'd learned from the 1st experience and tried to practice with little "Pie" only to seem to run against a wall because her mate encourages the 'wild' in little "Pie". I told her to take a look at how proud she is of the eldest girl's spirit....and it is true....for "Alex" is smart as a whip, intuitive as a witch, and bloody fearless as a warrior. She is as genuine as it gets. That made her remark, "maybe giving them a lot of free-rein when they're so impressionable is a healthy thing..ya think?" I am in agreement!!!!
April said…
Cheers! I love it, I really love it.
Just came to know about ur injury....please take care and hope u will recover soon!
Jinksy said…
I've met mums who curtailed their kids creativity by having a rule'one plaything out at a time'. Let chaos reign amongst the toys, and kids make their own games from the most unexpected things. A bit of temporary untidiness is a small price to pay for a happy atmosphere.