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A big focus of many writers is acquiring reviews for their books on Amazon or Goodreads. I admit I do search for the historical fiction drama reviews for The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott because I do like to know if readers like it or not. Readers are often quite willing to write a few lines and hit the star count that applies. It takes a few moments and it is appreciated by the author and the reader.

To leave a review on Amazon Books a user must be a shopper at Amazon with a minimum annual purchase of $50.

Not every reader has this option.  For those people, a Goodreads account is a nice way to talk about books without any required purchases.

It's essentially a social media platform for readers and writers!

I've written and received reviews there so if you're interested in becoming engaged as a reader of books on social media, help influence readers' choices and just become part of a like-minded community I highly recommend you set up an account.

And if you're inclined you can leave a review for The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott below and read some reviews already there!

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