Historical Fiction Book EBC Reviews The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott

From the review:
"This book had me at Chapter One when I was introduced to Betsy carrying not one but two buckets of water on her long trek home. Struggling with the weight and the rough terrain under her feet, she stumbles upon a stranger who offers to help. Intriguing already, right? Parsons knows just how to captivate her audience...MORE

It has been a fast and furious journey with Betsy! And it's also been overwhelming. I am thrilled at the reception that my debut novel has received from readers and reviewers. Both are important as far as I'm concerned, the readers because they're the ones I wrote it for, and the reviewers because they recommend the book to readers.

Most recently the book was reviewed by Edward's Book Club, a blog site that has been reviewing books for nearly two decades. Now branded as EBC Reviews with a new website to match, it was thrilling to be featured in there after spending years reading reviews of other people's books on the site. 

Thank you, Christa McGrath, for your excellent and thorough review! Your time and compliments of my work are so very much appreciated!