Book Release! The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott!

It's finally time! The book has been released!  Today, February 13, 2019, my fifth book, my debut novel with my new publisher Flanker Press Ltd, is available!  For now, it has limited availability online but over the next few weeks, you should see copies on shelves in bookstores like Chapters and Coles and wherever paperbacks are sold!

It's available in both paperback and Amazon Kindle! Over the next few weeks, I've some television and radio interviews booked and will be talking about this book a lot as the shelves fill up with copies.

It's an exciting time and I have to give major kudos to my publishing company who are incredibly helpful, supportive and excited. It's fun when your publishing team is as excited about your story as you are!

You can pick up the book online at AMAZON or at the FLANKER PRESS website.

I hope those of you who read the book take the time to let me know your thoughts. Betsy's an unusual character, atypical and highly interesting. I think you'll like her.