My Artistic Life

It is a pretty day, though icy cold. I just drafted a column for the Central Voice and now can move on to other work. Finally the tree is out of the living room after a week of having it stripped of its pretty decorations I got tired of waiting for it to be disassembled and I hauled that sucker down myself last night though it's not entirely stuffed in its box, it is out of my living room and near the stairs for its eventual foray into the basement. I can't lift it and I'm allergic to it but I could not stand the clutter any longer.

Speaking of clutter, has anyone watched that Marie Kondo show on Netflix, where you're to throw out anything that doesn't spark joy?  If I did that the tree would be out on the lawn which would spark tons of joy for me now but next year might pose a bit of a problem.

Do you know the best way to avoid clutter? Stop shopping!

I can't stand shopping though recently I had to do a bit. I order anything I need online and expect several packages this week. A tripod for broadcasting, which is work related and a cell phone case for my daughter because she keeps dropping her new phone.

I will be purging my clothing drawers soon and trust me, upon finishing that annual ritual, my clutter will be limited. I am making space for lots of road trips and book events which will start about a month from now!

Here is the link to my most recent Art & Soul column. It goes all over the Saltwire network and this time it comes courtesy of the Western Star.

And then there's the podcast which you can subscribe to on nearly any podcast hosting platform but also here on Spreaker, our own platform for the show.  Nick Mercer talks sketch comedy and community theater and we laughed a lot and I learned about the joys of creating comedy.