UPDATE on Me! Radio Show and a Newspaper Column!

It's been an entire summer since I've updated this space but it is my intention to do more of that going forward! Summer is not writing time, though, on the plus side I have completed about a 1/3 of a literary novel I'm working on. I've got great news...I'm collaborating with the most awesome company in the province, Citadel House, to produce a radio program, featuring the artists--musicians, visual artists, photographers, singers, actors, film makers-- and it goes online with its first episode tonight! There is an extra page on this site that is now a page for the radio who and you can find episodes as they upload on that page! Also, I started writing an arts column for the new regional newspaper, The Central Voice. This does beg the question, what is an arts column? Well, it's mainly an experiment. I interview artists for the radio show, and then from that I express opinions about art and life and stuff inspired by the interview. Sound strange? Sure is. But also a lot of fun. I'll be posting links to the column as they go online. If you can't wait and you're in the central region of the province, grab the paper (FREE) around the area from wherever you pick up flyers. Meanwhile, it's a sunny day, I'm getting some work done before I drive to Stephenville for the first stop of the Literary Tour NL! More details about that going forward! I'll be back soon! Carolyn