Flash Fiction Fun

Flash Fiction: Short and sweet. Very difficult. Trying to create a story arc in 250 words. My friend and I, April Lindfors are doing a challenge. We give each other an image and we each have to write a 250 word Flash about it. Here is my first in the challenge.  I call it Forgiveness

My first trek through the forest to the land of Intar was the saddest day of my days.  It did not occur to me that I would repeat the necessary journey just several years later.

Would I find you? Would they let you go? Would you come if they did?

Now, as then, it seemed to take a hundred years to walk an hour. My feet hesitated at every step, they knew direction, they did not trust my motive. I’d promised to never go back, yet, here I was.

I stopped just once, to drink strong tea from the lanbor plant. It fortified me.  I longed to see you, to whisper love to you, touch your face.

I had reconciled to your eternal absence. I’d learned to live with the hole in my soul, such that it was a familiar and beloved crevasse. So, I dreaded seeing you, as much as I desired it.

 As before, in the clearing, the Jannings met me. They swooped in, tugged my hair, lifted my gown, reached for the gold in my palm, then led me forward.

I knew you by your light. You knew me not. At first. Then I said, you are the only way.

I trembled. Expecting rejection. You recognized my voice. 

I am already there, you said. Because you are mine.

A singular clang rang out. The gap in my soul closed.

The Jannings decided. They perched on your shoulder as you led me back home.