Stories by a Cove Garden Girl

How winding the road is that takes you along in life. And yes the road is the driver and you are the passenger because you really have no control over outcomes, you only have control over your enjoyment level.

I've been distracted. For years.  I've found my way back however.  There are things to be written that have filled my brain while I spent (wasted?) my time doing other things.

I've found my way back and I've been working on some podcasts. Here is the first one..just a practice but something to share as I move back into my writing life. Stories by a Cove Garden Girl (That's me) will be some short stories about women in the history of Newfoundland. You'll note I never name the woman in this story. That's because I wanted her to be any woman or every woman. Most of the women of the time disappeared, a marker, a side bar on the life of the man. My goal is to make some of them breathe again. Perhaps this story is an attempt to make all of them breathe again.