Summer of Islands

The sun poked through today after a few days of mist and rain. Appreciation for the sun is never greater than on those kinds of days and the joy of its heat drove me to the pond for a walk alone to think and consider what is next for me in my life.

My book is all but has been put away in first draft for the summer. School lets out and this busy house, full of my kids and two extras who found their way to me, will be empty much of the time as I make my way to the islands as much as possible, spending the months of July and August in exploration of the Isles of Notre Dame, Fogo Island, Twillingate, New World Island and of course Change Islands.

The Change Islands Newfoundland Pony Barn is under construction.  It is an exciting time. The fish plant is operating once again and we expect a successful year. Optimism for a bright future for Change Islands seems to be the overall attitude going into the summer and employment certainly plays a role.

So this summer, keeping with my penchant for doing whatever I want, I've decided to spend my time getting to know the other islands. I want to travel and spend time at Fogo Island, up around New World Island and in Twillingate. I want to explore the history of all the places, their connection one to the other both in the past and now.

I feel that the island communities have a special resourcefulness, a unique place in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador's past and can continue in that vein into the future.

I've decided to record my island adventures here in the blog so prepare for some amazing photographs this summer.

Tonight however, I am alone. I will  be enjoying some quiet time chatting online with friends and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  I hope you all enjoy your evening and your summer.

Here are some photos from my last jaunt to Change Islands.

Bobber on the Water

Little boat in Farewell

Life Saver in Farewell

Mist on Salt Water Pond