Bits and Pieces;

It's Sunday morning and the ocean is lapping blue against the rocks and the sky is still undecided as to whether the sun shall shine today.

I write this morning to bring your attention to a new button over in the right hand corner of the for the Newfoundland Ponies.  Please do so.  Register and vote daily for this very special breed of pony.

I suppose since I'm here I could say a few more things.  I could ramble on about my boring life.  I wish this platform was more interactive and we all could just have a good chat on a quiet Sunday.  I'd cook brunch even.

I'm tired.  I thought I would work on a chapter or two of the book but it seems my brain isn't awake quite yet even after much coffee.

I was walking yesterday and thinking of some photos I've taken lately.  I've been drawn to take photos of houses that are boarded up and falling into some kind of disarray.  I've shot the entire house but at the same time started with just bits of the house.

The first one I shot was of Mr. Stanley Peckford's house on Change Islands of just the windows of the three top floors.  I saw that in one window there was an earthen ware jar.

It's gone from there to a bit of a hobby of mine.  I am sharing a few here just so you can see what I mean.  Bits and pieces of bits and pieces crumbling into the earth.  Yet somehow, in their decline, there's beauty and something mesmerizing.

And some..have been granted reprieve...because some of these homes are under renovations and will be restored with love and care.

It's sad but I suppose, yet part of life that all that comes forth will go forth, both house and person.  The house sees its share of joy and sorrow as does each one of us.  I love these pictures.