Oh the autumn colours are simply delicious.  Crimson and amber and orange and green. The dog berries so brightly red, dotting here and there, decorating the forest in lush ornamentation.  All that against flowing creeks and rivers and a roaring sea makes the harvest of happiness as bountiful as the harvest of crop.

I awakened early this morning, 6am and had no inclination to go back to sleep.  I found myself laying in bed for a while in a place between awake and asleep in such a deep and profound peace that I held on to until my acutely sensitive cat realised I was awake and jumped on the bed meowing for his morning dish of cream and forced my jammied butt to get up.

Week three of my return to blogging.  And here I am dutifully fulfilling my commitment to post at least once a week.  It seems these posts are mostly turning into updates which I suppose is fine until some marvelous dash of inspiration appears.

Let's see. What's up?  Well, I discovered quite by accidental google that one of my stories, The Magic Man of Change Islands was picked up by every weekly newspaper in Newfoundland including The Labradorian and as it was also picked up by the Saturday Telegram it effectively made all the papers.  I am particularly fond of that story so I'm thrilled about it.  Further to that, now that the subject of that story, the magical Le Drew(aka Walter LeDrew) has been made known, a local author working on a list of important people from the Isles, will be including him in his next publication.
Then I started checking out my other recent popular stories and discovered that in addition to The Pilot and the front page of The Telegram last Monday,  The Shore that encourages Dreams was picked up by a Nova Scotia publication.  The Vanguard in Yarmouth County ran my story in their weekly paper's Living section.

It's good to see my stuff in print but what is always more gratifying for me is when the stories are about Change Islands.  I want people to be aware of this magnificent and gloriously beautiful place with its remarkably resourceful and good-hearted people.

Let's see, what else?

The book is coming along.  I'll likely have an excerpt for the next post in this blog.  I love the story and the ideas keep coming.  I love the magic of writing, watching the idea that is a picture in my brain translate into the words on the page such that people reading can be where I've been.  I was at the Partridgeberry Festival on the weekend(Fogo Island) and ran into a lady I know there whose husband writes.  We had swapped copies of books and she had read it.  She remarked on my imagination.  Perhaps it's no more vivid and wild than other person's.  All I know is that I live in my head,  the world in there is as alive as the world outside for me.  And I'm never sure if, when I write, I'm bringing that world to the reader, or bringing the reader into my very strange brain.

Either way I'm on purpose and happy.   And my writing is getting better with all the practice.

So I'm the Master of Ceremonies at a 50th wedding Anniversary this Saturday, then on November 4 I introduce Bill Rowe from Open Line who has just published his 6th or 7th book and it's already on the Globe and Mail bestsellers list.  I'm working on a review of that this morning for my column.

It's Tuesday, a short week and it was Thanksgiving.  We had a non traditional thanksgiving for which I'm thankful.  No turkey, we ate out, we spent the day in Fogo, went to the now world famous Fogo Island Inn and just had a fun time.

Thankful is the modus operandi.

I carry on in gratitude every single friggin' day I get to live on this earth.  As they say here in Newfoundland, What a spot uh?

Oh did I mention I have this wicked new camera?  Let my kid take a series of photos of me below.  Me in all my silliness!  Hugs and smooches!

Somewhat normal

Normal-for me.

I was told to pretend I was mad

Too much vodka?

Not enough vodka?

Be angry she said.

Be happy--that one's easy!

Be silly..got it!

Definitely too much vodka



Be thinking?

Not quite sure--
Is it naptime?

Why is my hair so big? 


Funny, but "Not Enough Vodka" looks like you are straining whilst seated in an unmentionable place ROFL.
Hugs ~ Eddie