Wild Cove, Twillingate Island

Here goes post four of my effort to post once a week.  I seem to be keeping up with my pledge in between working on a difficult chapter in my book.

It hasn't been difficult.  I find this space really helpful for clearing out the cobwebs and addressing things that just sort of come to me rather than the more assigned work I do for other places like the newspaper or the book which of course has a particular order to it.

Lately I've had the term "interesting" used to describe me and I think it's rather interesting that it's happening.

Quite a while ago I made the very deliberate decision to be more interested.  Yes. Interested, not interesting. I've always thought that there will always be a skinnier, more beautiful, smarter, younger, desirable, cuter, sexier woman in the room than I.  And I don't feel it worth the effort to try to be more than I am in any of those categories.  I am exactly who I am, some days skinnier, some days fatter, some days prettier, some days plainer.  So I started to work on just being the best me that I can be and and being utterly and unashamedly myself.

I realised that what I love to do more than anything is to learn.  And the thing I love learning the most is about people, their lives and attitudes, foibles and follies, success and failures and all the perfect facets that create a person and make them individual.

So I became interested.  It really works out well because I don't have to pretend--I am interested.  I get to learn about people at the a deeper level and I am genuinely intrigued by people.

I've always thought character more important than intelligence and it is that part of people that I like to get to know.  I personally don't care if you make a lot of money but I am fascinated if you donate your time or money to a cause you care about.  I really am not concerned if you're a maintenance person or a diplomat but I do want to hear your experiences as either and how you treated those around you
 as you did your work.

And somehow, being interested seems to lead to being more interesting.  And it makes sense I think.  Because all people are connected in some way and so when someone speaks to me now more often than not I already understand them because another has expressed similar points of view.  I can relate I guess.

So I'm not really all that interesting. I personally live a very traditional life, where I walk and do domestic chores and play with my kids, walk dogs and write silly stories all day.

What I am is interested in all of that in addition to the people I meet.  And somehow my description of them interests people and they think it's me.  But it isn't me.  I am just a regular person who is interested.

A regular person who isn't like anyone else you'll ever meet.  But we all are unique so nothing special there.

So that's my topic of the day.

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