On Purpose in Lewisporte

Sunrise from just across the street

 It feels like forever since I've stepped into this place that is so dear.  I hope to step back more frequently as things settled down for me but boy have I been busy.

I am now upstairs in the house, approximately 75% of the renovations complete with the upstairs at 100% and it's beautiful in my new writing room.

The second novel is finally underway, a diversion that is leading me through quite the pile of research as it is set in 1934.

The other writing news is my freelance work with The Pilot, the community newspaper covering this region.  I'm writing the Community Notes section for 3 communities weekly and writing a bi weekly arts feature.  I am having a blast and I am starting to get to know people and they are all welcoming me and telling me their stories.

My first art feature I sat down with an  ECMA(East Coast Music Association) award nominee  In Conversation with Dean Stairs

Another story I am very proud of is Twillingate Native Loses everything in Ontario House Fire.  Mainly because it may have, in some way, helped this family a little.

I have lived here now for 2.5 months and while some things have not gone exactly as I expected I am finding that my writing is going along quite well and the more I write the more story ideas show themselves.

Winter has been rough but winter tends to be that way here and it's nothing that has impacted or impeded us, in fact the forced hibernation on days has given me the time to work on my writing.  My deadline for the novel is April 8, my birthday and the first draft will be complete by then.  I'm nervously excited about it, it seems the expectations are high and many are looking forward to it.  Pressure.

The snow swirls around outside and the wind gusts against the side of the house.  The children are reading as I sit reclining with my computer on my lap surrounded by piles of research, next week's articles ready to file tomorrow with only the last minute proof and photos to add.  Though there has been frustration there has never been a moment when I have thought this move wasn't for the best.

And the new television is fabulous for watching the hockey games.  High definition surround sound rocks!

The Dalai Lama said that the purpose of our life is to be happy.

I'm living on purpose.



My word you are a busy bee.
You will have to clone yourself soon if you take any more on.

Glad you are having success and the renovations are going well.
After my little accident I could do with some renovating myself LOL
~ Eddie
I am Eddie Bluelights, so much so that I didn't see this until today! Gonna pop over to your place to reply!xoxo