Writing the Winter Away!

It has been just over a month since we arrived here in our new home province and it's been an eventful one.  The whirlwind of activity that came from closing on our house sale in Ontario, shopping for Christmas, the holidays themselves and the renovation of our home-to-be(the upper part of our current apartment) has left little time for reflection and writing.  It has, however, given me ample time to appreciate all the good fortune that has come our way since we made this momentous change.

Today was exciting.  It started out pretty normal, kids off to school, a bit of online time, lots of coffee and my Uncle Walt picking up our other helper, Ran so we can all carry on with all of the upstairs renovations.  I worked at sanding the doors for the cabinets and starting the paint on them and the drawers. 

My first exciting event was an email from the editor of the local paper confirming my newest gig as a freelance correspondent for the social notes.  I'll be covering this town(Lewisporte) and my home town(Change Islands) and that could not be more perfect.   A nice part-time paying writing job.  At THE regional paper.  I am thrilled to be a part of that and hope to be able to contribute in some meaningful way to their editorial.

Then I received a call from four of my good friends in St. Marys, ON as they had their weekly lunch.  I was missed and so they called.  We all caught up and it seems Anna will be on the Ron James show on CBC in the next few weeks(she's on hiatus from her recurring role as Mrs. Bell on Heartland on that network),  Nancy(a brilliant artist) has a new grandchild coming and Janice has a new book project that I'm excited to say I'll be a part of and will be promoting the heck of later in the spring.  And Denise(an actor also) didn't tell me anything new but I'm sure it'll be something big when she has something new to share.  Her last project was a musical called Queen for a Day in a principle role with Alan Thicke.  It's in development so I have a feeling once all the bugs are worked out she'll be back on stage singing her heart out.  I loved the call and it made my entire day having those conversations with each one. It was also nice to know I was missed a little.

The third good thing that I am excited about is my upcoming trip to St. John's this weekend.  I love that city and this will be my first chance to visit my sister since I have been back.  I hope I can find a date to go with me to Les Miserable on Saturday. 

That is my little update and I am very excited.   So many wonderful things happening not the least of which is that I am about to sit down to work on my very next novel, the next part of  The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle. 

I am finding it very difficult to find anything to complain about these days.  All new furniture, a nice new upgraded home in a few weeks, meaningful and enjoyable work and good friends and family all around, in my old town and my new.  And the icing on the cake is that the lockout is over and hockey is back.  Cannot wait for that new high definition television and the beginning of a beautiful winter.  Go Bruins!


Interesting, Carolyn, and best of luck with all the exciting activities.
Looks as though 1013 (oopps 2013)has got off to a flying start for you and just in case you wanted to make some more 'easy' money there is a great way that one chap made a few bob featured on my latest post! LOL
Always great to see ya - and let's keep in touch because a lot of our original bloggy pals seem to have escaped from BlogLand ~ Eddie x