Happy Lucky Two Thousand and Thirteen!

Cheers to you for a very happy 2013!

Well here we are folks!  Two thousand and lucky thirteen!  For the past two months I've seen the number thirteen everywhere I go.  Now for some that might seem like an omen of bad luck but for me it has been a sign!  I know that this coming year will be an incredible one for me and all the folks I drag along in this whirlwind life of mine!

We celebrated with a gourmet meal created by yours truly and champagne at midnight!  I have leftover champagne and mimosas are in my future!

As we wind down from the crazy activities of Christmas and New Year celebrations, it's nice to reflect on the year that was and the one we're in right now.  There were some difficulties for sure including the loss of my sweet Aunt Christine in the fall, but also time of great and positive transition for our family culminating in our move back to our home province.

Was this a positive move?  Yes.  I am absolutely basking in the joy of it. When you pop your head up from sanding down cabinets(we have to do some work before we move into our permanent house) and see the ocean right there from the kitchen window, through the trees and laugh out loud at the joy of it, you know it's the best thing.  I'm prone to excitement but this is like a volcano of it, joyous lava bubbling up and spilling over!

Back to school for the kiddies tomorrow and for me it's back to the gym!  I was gifted a 6 month membership to the local fitness club for Christmas!  It made me well up with joy because my health and wellness is and always will remain my priority and I'm feeling decidedly less physically vital with all the upheaval and lack of exercise.  Now I get back to squats and pumping iron and just being awesome and strong!

Priority two however is my writing.  That is why I moved here, that is what I'm meant to be doing and that is what I shall be focusing on.  I have had so much inspiration, new characters, and I'm ready to jump into it.  January 15th is my start date, a deadline I set to allow myself time to fix up most of the house, get moved upstairs(we are staying in the downstairs basement apartment until it's done) and have my writing space completed.  We are on schedule for that to all happen.

Meanwhile, I continue with the renovations.  That is a surprisingly pleasant job with me learning how to handle some power tools and it's creative in the sense that I get to choose  paint colours and flooring and to rejuvenate an old wooden stairway!

And my wish for you is that you find a spark of light in every dark place, a drink to quench your every thirst, food to feed your every hunger and prosperity to satisfy your every want. I hope all of these wishes are accompanied by more love than you have ever known! Cheers and Happy two thousand and lucky thirteen!



A very Happy New Year, Caroline. May 2013 be a good one.

Still laugh when I think of your fabulous Sunday Roast. Might return one day but bust at present.
~ Eddie x