This is Home.

On my first walk around I took this photo of a dory at the edge of the ocean.

The adventure of moving clear across the country is complete.  And what a journey it was!  Delays that started at the outset(we weren't ready on time) to mother nature's interference in the Gulf of St. Lawrence(high seas) left us with time to explore a bit of Cape Breton and consider what we were really getting ourselves into.  And we're good with it all!

So now, I live by the sea again!  I can see it from my driveway and will see it from my living room window once I move upstairs in our new home!  I am delighted with the town, the view, the neighbours, the  people and even the weather which has been unseasonably mild!

There are as many colours to the ocean as there are fish in its depths.  I go outside each day to a different shade of its grey/blue surface.  I consider that perhaps this ocean and I have much in common.  Moving, rolling, calm, sometimes fierce and always changing.  Maybe that's why I feel such a kinship to it.

Now comes the details, little girls are in school, the season of Christmas is upon us, family lives all around us, my wonderful husband has a brand new job and is training in St. John's and our house has sold in Ontario which makes us financially flush.  I plan to put nose to laptop after the bustle of Christmas and finish a book or two!  My mind is bursting to write, my heart is filled with inspiration and my life is filled with joy.

And of course, there will be a visit to my home town soon.  I pass the sign to the ferry and my little car almost shakes with the desire to turn left and drive there.  Soon we'll explore the magic of Change Islands again.  We dream of buying a place there, a small summer home maybe.  We dream and the dreams will come to fruition because we dream.

And perhaps a visit to St. John's.  I would like to head in there boxing day but it'll probably be well after Christmas before we go.  But go we will, maybe a hockey game at Mile One as our  hockey drought continues and we're both thirsty for a bit of blade against ice action.

Yesterday I purchased some baking supplies at a local store and picked up a CD of local music.  As I drove around listening to the accordion and fiddle I was filled with such a sense of content, tears filled my eyes.  This is where I'm supposed to be and this is where I'll find my niche, make my mark, live my life.  This place that I am just starting to know is where I'll stay, until I feel drawn to another place because I do believe my heart is a nomadic heart and I'm just the servant who follows it.

Meanwhile, I will walk up the main street, watch the ships in the port and delight in their transient nature.  For like the ship, I too slip in and out of port, enjoy the waves and the journey and the destination with equal fervor.  And like the ships, I'll know when it's time to move forward again.  But for now, this is where I stay.

For now, this is home.


Well, Girl, you made tears fill MY eyes. It is truly beautiful there, unspoiled, a treasure of a place, and we hope to visit it again some day. Totally enjoy being who you were meant to be.