If I love You

 If I love you

If I love you,
I burn you with my touch
my heat addictive
like a drug
leaving a residue on your tongue
you taste long after
you are finished
sampling my desire

If I love you
I sear you with my eyes
seeing your soul bare
and raw, touching the tears
that drop with my finger
and tasting the salt
of your sorrow
as if it were my own

If I love you
I let you be all that you are
and lift you up to be
all that you are meant for
I keep you there
gently, supporting you
ready to catch you the moment
you stumble

If I love you
I am present always
just far enough away to let you breathe
but close enough to
feel your breath
far enough away to touch your heart
but close enough
to let it beat its own rhythm

If I love you
you are my everything
and I am myself
better than I could ever be
I learn better lessons
scale bigger mountains
sow better seeds
dream sweeter dreams

 If I love you
I give you eternity
and fire and devotion
and my whole world
is your whole world
and all I am is you
and you are all I need.

If I love you
you are not wrong
you are not guilty
you are not weak
and you are not
 you are my everything
my all
If I love you
I love you