Why Not Dream?

Why Not Dream?

Why not dream of sunny skies
of butterflies and ever after
drift away to sit on clouds
fly with doves and ride on laughter?

Why pass your days in solitude
melancholy moods or chaotic clatter
protest in angst at all the wrong
and wallow in the lonely bitter?

Why not lay on grassy meadows
without shadows, in imagination
feel the sun, in winter's cold
basking in your own mind's creation?

Why get bogged down in the mire
walk the wire, lash at life
carry signs, all resigned
back bent heavy with your strife?

Why not create, and make silly prose
tied in bows, without explaining
fantasize about how it can be
while sloughing off all complaining?

Why not eschew the status quo
and go where all is not as it seems
escape the certainty of belief
into the reality of your dreams?

All reality begins with a dream~Carolyn R. Parsons


Sheila Kelly said…
I must confess I had to look up the meaning od "eschew" Yikes..not smarter than a fifth grader? Really good overall message in this poem, and I'm all for shunning and looking beyond the status quo :)