Get Freakin' Happy Dude; A Declaration

Get freakin' happy dude!  Carolyn R. Parsons

Today I got caught up in a conversation on Face Book (of course) with a person who was bound and determined to impress his particular belief system upon me.  I do not argue religion.  It is not my way.  I believe that the moment you start arguing religion, you stop being religious.  That it is better to stand for something rather than against something.  So instead of arguing the minutia of a dogma that I actually do understand and know, I decided to lay out just that.  This is what came out of that conversation and I thought I would share it somewhat, not to influence or persuade anyone to my personal belief system but just to share.  Here is the post, in its entirety, edited a little to flesh it out and for errors and clarity. I've edited the religion of the person I conversed with out of respect for their beliefs.
I believe that I have found my way to my way and it's not *******..not any religion or philosophy.but ..some of the practices are beneficial...I also believe..that it is not my job to concern myself with the beliefs of others, that the best I can do is live my own reality and do so in a way that makes me happy and fulfills me. I am an original and I will not be grouped in with the masses..though I am part of the humanity that surrounds me and I'm one with it in spirit.  I believe that we all are capable of all things...and in any given moment we can claim our right to happiness and find it in an instant. My knowings came to me in a moment. My path is only muddled by the details of life and I choose to wallow in them..the so called..good and the bad..but truth is...I don't believe in good or bad, reward or punishment, heaven or hell, before and after. I'm happy and people see it and that alone causes them to ask how that is to be and I share that I chose my way and that they get to choose theirs. I love people..I LOVE LOVE LOVE people. I send love to the worst of the worst on the planet because I think perhaps if they get some love they'll give some love..I also send it to the best of the best. I choose to do as Jesus did and Buddha did and Muhammad did and Confucius did and Lao Tzu did..and not follow anyone path but mine.  But I humbly declare that if you interpret any violence from my writings or beliefs,  you are wrong, just as I feel those leaders would have declared, had they known what humans would attribute to those masters outside of their message of love.  And last but not least...I never ever ever preach. That is me. I do not ever expect this to be you.
I am a work in progress as we all are.  But the simple truth is that my only goal is to be happy.  This is my life.  This is my go around and I plan on enjoying the ride.  If you're gonna puke on this ride..don't get on!  If you're gonna raise your arms and scream and laugh, climb aboard because it's a fun place in my world and you're welcome to join me here.  It is not better than another persons, it's just different and it's the world I've created.  
What I have noticed is this...the people who are in my world, who are on this ride with me, do tend to be happy as well...perhaps I'm sneezing my happy around!

Now..I'm gonna go hula hoop..cheers!