What is Love

Congratulations Pamela and Derek Parsons on your marriage!

What is love?

Love is the earth spun day in the sun's heat
bare-breasted, scarlet fluttering bird-like lust
resplendent in the glory of the light
and celebrated from dawn until the dusk. 

Love is night with all its secrets and its treasures
as it follows through season after season
remaining still when summer fades to rest forever
this eternal wish,this purpose, meaning,  reason

Love is what they talk of in the stories
it is Elizabeth, William and Pablo
but words and prose and poetry aside
it is what we need to learn and live and grow

Love is the folly of the sailors and explorers
who cross oceans, discover continents, conquer space
to fly in star sparked skies and take us on adventures
love lands on moons and places flags to mark its place

Love is the non linear time theory proven and qualified
overthrown by what has now been realised
that we do not meet and learn and fall in to it...
but are introduced,  hearts remember and recognise.

It is all there is and transcends the earth we walk on
it exceeds the infinite skies that lie above
it is everything there is, there is no more
it is all and all is it, and that is love. 

This poem written for my brother Derek, and his beautiful new wife, Pamela as they embark on life's journey side by side.  Best friends, in love.  Rare and precious.  Congratulations!

Carolyn R. Parsons