I Wish You Love

 It has been a whirl wind amazing weekend!  It is noon and I'm not dressed yet.  I am having my protein shake and trying to decide if I'll even bother today.  I have no real reason to.  Perhaps a pyjama day is in order?

My brother got married on the weekend.  He married the girl of his dreams and I was the Master of Ceremonies and very involved in the day.  As such I spent a lot of time absorbing, thinking, meditating and writing about love and the falling into it.

At one point during the day I looked around at all the married couples in the room.  Some were obviously still in love, holding hands, kissing at times and just obviously completely partnered.  Then there were the single folks, perhaps quite happily so, and I wondered, why is it that some find love and some never do?

Perhaps it is very random.  I have met some very lovable people who are single and some people who are a royal pain in the arse, in very happy love relationships.

Go figure.

All I know is that my brother, through some miraculous chain of events, during one of the most trying times of his life, fell in love.  They are one of those couples you just know are in love.  They take care of each other, they joke, they are more than just in love, they are best friends. 

I am so happy for them.

What does it?  What makes people fall into and stay in love?

Why does that kind of special love seem so very rare?

I've always thought it went deeper than finding a wonderful person.  It's more about connecting with somebody and if that person is wonderful, that's a bonus. If that person feels the same way, that's a miracle.

The fear of being disappointed in love is something that prevents many people from even trying.  I think this is the saddest thing of all.  Without expectation it is important to embrace loving somebody.  To do so without expectation that they return it or without rules or regulations on the love.  To do so is difficult, but to do so is to love unconditionally.

It is good to be loved.  It is an amazing gift. 

To love is even better. 

But to share a mutual unconditional love is the ideal and what I wish for my brother, his new bride, and anyone seeking a life partnership with another.

I can only think that to have such an ideal love, you must first understand how very wonderful and worthy you are of such a love alone, without a partner.

Because only then can you truly share the right kind of love with a partner in a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship.  Be all you are, all you can be and be open to sharing that with the person in your life.  And even more importantly, allow them to be all they can be so that they're allowed to blossom and grow into the person they are meant to become.

I wish this for anyone who wants to be in that sort of life partnership.  I could  not wish a better thing for you.

 I've decided.  The pyjamas are staying and I'm going to settle in with Jane Austen and absorb a little more romance!