The Ballad of Us!


Our family gathered for my brother's wedding!

 Something I wrote to help my new sister-in law Pamela get to know a bit about our family!

The Ballad of Us

On a rock in the sea
Where roars the atlantic
Where sea gulls squawk shrilly
Feathered and frantic
Two families  merged
Like a waltz to a song
One was named parsons
The other named strong

In November they wed
Fish or no fish
It was what both did want
It was what was their wish
But tis not about that
I write this small song
Tis the parsons I write of
And the other family
named strong

The Strongs were in Morries Harbour
Their property was large
The mother was Meta
The father was Garge

They had a boy as a starter
Eldred was he
and the other end  was Willis
But  the rest were all She

Now you’re not gonna believe
When I name them all to ya
What a mother and father
Without thought can do to ya
After Eldred the naming
Got out control
They all ended the same
And this is how it did go

Phillis, Doris,Alice,
Gladys, Frances, Willis
And some of their children
Are here tonight with us
Twenty in total,
all cousins, all friends,
lucky we are
but that’s not where it ends

See They settled in Cove
That new family to be
And had Carolyn and Derek
And our sister
Yes I said it out of order
I mixed up the timing
But I had to do it that way
So it woulnd’t f..mix up the rhyming

And the Cove was the home
Of the other half of the sum
The Parsons lived up there
The time to name them has come
There was Bessie, a Leyte
She was as a girl
Til  Walter John came along
And changed her whole world

And they raised twelve kids
A fine family for sure
Up in the cove
On a hill by the shore
They lived in that house
A big lively spot
With Nan at the helm
Though twas spose to be Pop

There’s too many to name
Twelve? What were they thinkin?
12 youngsters would drive
A person to drinkin
But 12 they had
And they all reproduced
And I’ve counted them all
And here’s what I’ve deduced.

32 is the number
16 girls, 16 boys
All even and round
Now isn’t that nice
I’d count all their kids
And their kids kids too
But there’s way too many
It would take too long to do
And recently I heard
Have you heard the news
Aunt Betty Lou’s crowd
Is now having them in twos!

So that is the family
In a nut shell
And that’s probably
A clue Pam, cause
We’re all nuts as well
But you’ve noticed I’m sure
And you’ve still stuck around
In fact you picked a fine nut
Up off of the ground
That nut is my brother
And it’s good to see
That you’ve made him
Ever so very happy

Welcome aboard
From both Parsons and Strong
We are all glad you came
You’re where you belong
You’re one of us now
And we hope you’re happy to be
Part of our
Big nutty family