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With Allen Hawco of Republic of Doyle
Just sitting here drinking my pre-work out drink and playing on Face Book with some friends.  Morning stuff.  It's been a strange but fascinating few months.  Met a bunch of new people, was on the CBC again in a video that is circulating, firmed up my novel writing, did some traveling, wrote some poetry, was invited to be the master of ceremony at my  brother's wedding(thrilled about this) and I've taken my physical transformation to another level working with weights and training my ass off to get to  the body I had ten years ago and it's working because I'm working at it.  Apparently I have good skin and build muscle easily as well.  Let's see if I really can knock the clock back ten years...had somebody guess my age at 35 a few weeks back..sent her to detox immediately.

I feel 20 though so that's even better than looking younger.  As I move through time I really don't feel any older and with my physical body finally getting on par with my mental energy I am ready to take on the world.  I am so physical now and want to always be moving and doing. 

The thing is I FEEL amazing.  Physical health really is the dive board into you the rest of your life.  From a place of complete wellness, anything is possible.  I sleep like a log, wake up happy and rested and from there life unfolds.

I was looking at my little girls yesterday, one is almost 9 and the baby is 6 and they are so grown up now.  It seems like just yesterday I was nursing little babies and doing midnight feedings and going through the exhaustion of that time and place.  It seems, though it was a valid and important segment of my life, and while I enjoyed it while I did it, I am so glad it's behind me.

I spoke with a male friend of mine a couple of days ago, and his kids are the same age and he is very involved in parenting.  He said that the whole baby thing set his life and career back ten years.  That he wouldn't change a thing but that he is aware that to be a good parent you need to give all of that time and sacrifice moving forward in certain areas to be all you have to be for little tiny kids and though the kids are only 5 you lose twice as much time as that because you have to learn to navigate as a person without babies all over.  So for him, having children in his forties, means he is just now at nearly 50 back on track again.

He only now can travel again with his wife, have some fun, be a bit spontaneous in a way you can't be with babies.  I too am finding this to be so.  Luckily for  him he got to have many years of that before he had children. I'm just getting there.  Now my girls are all reasoning people and I can leave and they understand. 

My point?  There isn't one really.  I am past the cross roads.  My kids are bigger and I've recaptured my life again including the body I had before they came along.  I've got the wind in my back and I'm moving forward and upward, flying into my destiny.  Life's always been fun for me.  I don't have the capacity to be unhappy except in moments but my overall attitude is one of blissful joy. 

Well off to the gym I go.  Arms day!  Hope you all enjoy the pictures below from my night in Toronto a few weeks ago.  Cheers.

My beautiful friend Lauren with the talented Barry Canning

Lauren with Mark

With the funniest man on the planet, Mark Critch of This Hour has 22 Minutes

Had a wonderful conversation with Mark O'Brien(Republic of Doyle) and his new fiancee Georgina Rielly(Murdoch Mysteries) about love and weddings.

Helena Joy(Murdoch Mysteries) me and the very sexy Jonathan Goad(Republic of Doyle).