New Novel! Excerpt time!

After a much needed break from the intensity of novel writing, I am back at it with a brand new story set in scenic Bell Island, NL.  I  have not chosen this setting, it chose me.  I am writing the story of Hannah, a housewife/writer.  It is evolving as I type and it's so much fun to see the world she lives in unfold beneath my finger tips.  I'm writing in first person/present tense which makes her feel like me(she's not).  It's a challenge.  She is a writer though.  Yes, I know that's boring but that's what she is.  

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter.  It gives a sense of who she is.  I am excited to write the descriptive part.  Such a beautiful place.  The sex is fun to write too!  

"The fear is physical. It is irrational. It screams “don’t do it”. But I’m drawn by a force in me stronger than fear, curiosity. I have never walked close to that cliff with anyone. It’s not because I’m alone all the time, though I am. It’s because I’ve never been comfortable enough with another person to have them beside me as I near the edge. 
It never, ever subsides, this phobia. It just settles comfortably and I learn to live with it instead of from it. Eventually, when the time is perfect, I do perch at the edge, the dangerous part where I had no intention of sitting. I am accompanied only by my notebook, a pen, my Black Berry and the ever present fear. It is from that spot I do my best writing. And it is from another, similar spot in my psyche that I do my best living"