Do you Believe in Magic?

Be Happy in your mind and you will be happy in your life.

I'm a good witch.  A really nice, kind witch full of unconditional love and all that mushy stuff...but a witch nonetheless.  Yes, I just did it.  I just came out of the broom closet and admitted that I am...magic.(Don't tell mom!)

I have been magic for a long while.  I've always known that things I think about happen but it wasn't until I was older that I realised that I make stuff happen, they just don't coincidentally happen because I want them to.

I know other magic people and I'm of the opinion, everybody is magic if they think about it.  Ever think of somebody and five minutes later they call?  That's magic!  Ever have a random thought cross your mind, then have it occur?  More magic.  Did you ever say "that bad thing always happens to me, then have it happen?" yep..that's magic too.

So you're all witches like me but you prefer not to admit it.  And of course if you don't believe in magic then you're gonna be really bad at your magic.  Like, you'll think about getting a car and get a squirrel.  Squirrels are great and all, with their cute tails and cheeks but, well, you  really wanted a car.  It's like in the movies where the fairy tries to make somebody a prince and they end up in a book?  Yeah, misguided magic.  No fun.  Well a little bit of fun, I mean squirrels can be entertaining..oh chipmunks..chipmunks sing!  So hopefully you get a chipmunk, not a squirrel. That's better.

You must think I'm nuts now.(intentional bad pun)

But, I digress.  Let's get back to the magic.

Of course for me magic has rules.  Well, one rule.  I send all my magic to other people.  Oh, wait there is a second rule.  I only send happy magic.  So if you piss me off, I won't hex you.  (I will punish you in a story but no hexing I promise).  That's bad magic and as I've said, I'm a good witch.

So, if I'm magic and all my dreams come true but I don't use my magic on me, why do my stuff come true?  Well because, I figure if I do nice things, make people happy, they'll want me happy, and all those happy thoughts will give me magic, because, like I said above, you're all magic too!

So, what is the key to tapping in the magic?  Well you must send $29.99 by email transfer to and I will send you the answer.  I'm just kidding(a little..send it if you like).  The key is to believe and be happy.  That's it.  I expect that the things I think about will come true but meanwhile I'm just happy in my life until they do.

So folks, just believe that good things will come your way, spend your time believing and hoping good things come to all of the people around you, (even those who grate on your last nerve), and then be happy!  Because wouldn't it make you happy to know that good things are coming to you?

When I'm interacting with somebody, I send them good things, things they want, little things that will make their day easier, big things that will make their lives easier, happiness, a stranger's smile, a note from an old friend, anything that makes them happy.  They don't know it.  I don't really know how the happy thing will look.  But a happy thing will happen.

Plus, it is always my goal to leave people a little happier than when I meet them.  That right there is great magic in practice.

So there is my confession of the day.  The sun is shining and I'm off to wax my broomstick.  Think I'll take it for a spin in the sun.  I hate bugs in my teeth but they sure help with the love potions.   I know, crazy ingredient for a love potion but did ever know a love affair that didn't have a few bugs in it?  Of course I could leave them out but then we would lose the magic of make up sex! (I said the "S" word..don't tell mom.)

Have a magic day!