For Burton Winters

In Memory of a Boy.

Hand of Hell

Despair is a walk on the ice
that rolled with the waves of the sea
lost like dust in the windstorm
each step one step more to defeat

Endless is a family's fresh grief
and it drifts like the dunes of the snow
it piles against the big land
where the desolate winds always blow

Shame on the cold hand of hell
that slept as he walked cold in the night
with the silent ghost sound of the choppers
that were never allowed to take flight

Truth carves a gully of guilt
red hot is the now smoking gun
held tight in the cold hand of hell
that didn't do what should have been done

So moved by the story of Burton Winters.  So sad that protocol took the place of common sense.  So outraged that billions of dollars are being spent on fighter jets while Search and Rescue is being cut on the east coast of Newfoundland.   So grateful for those who did help by walking and looking and flying your private helicopter to try to find this boy.  Government is NOT reflecting the people as this situation highlights so completely.  So grief stricken for the families.  I hope you find peace.