The Tart and the Hussy are hitting the red carpet!

Guest starring in the premiere, Russell Crowe!

Omg Omg Omg.  By an act of sheer will, wishing, and manifesting miracles, my friend Lauren and I (aka The Tart and the Hussy) scored tickets and once again we are hitting the red carpet at the season premiere screening of Mr. D and The Republic of Doyle in Toronto on Monday night!

I knew this would happen!  I knew all of my life that I was destined for the red carpet.  It is my is the way it should be!  It is what I have planned on my whole life.  I am red  carpet material..yessirreee!

And I'm ready!  When they ask me "Who are you wearing" I will reply "George of Walmart" of course, just like one of the stars at the premiere of any top notch show!  What else would any self-respecting tart wear to an event of this caliber?

And of course this leads to the big dilemma!  Whatever shall I wear?  I'm just not a fancy girl and I don't really own anything, red carpet-ish.  Last year the premiere was at a Pub...I have many many pub worthy premiere in a theatre type digs though.  I'm stumped.

I may be forced to shop!  Damn it!  Nothing like shopping to take the fun out of getting new clothes.  Sigh. I now have a cleaning person and a personal trainer so perhaps I should look for a personal shopper next to avoid this kind of thing in the future.

All that aside, it will be fun.  I will be shooting photos and videos but as usual won't be able to give any spoilers about the show so you'll have to wait until it airs on the CBC for that sort of information!  Expect a full report here and of course, regular photos and updates on my Face Book and twitter as the event occurs!

Yes, once again I must don my best demeanor(usually I don a misdemeanor), behave like the lady I should be but am not, drink beer from a glass (with pinky finger extended),  and enjoy a fun-filled night of celebrities and fantastic television in the city I love.

Yes it will be on the CBC news and last year ET Canada also reported from the event!  And for goodness sake, if you don't already, start watching Republic of Doyle, Wednesdays at 9pm with the television premiere being this week!  I'll reserve my recommendation for Mr D. until after the event!

And now I just have one thing to say.  Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

Star struck tart~over and out!