My Ordinary Life

My ordinary life is flash and sparkle
dazzling days and glimmering frosted happy eyes
My ordinary life magnetizes and authorizes
all  lips to smile and hearts to sympathize

My ordinary life  is fashioned  from twinkling stars
and woven in the daylight's misty songs
My ordinary life whispers words of love and passion
and sets about to right a million wrongs

My ordinary life sees miracles and grabs them
and shares them with the passers that go by
My ordinary life shines like an angel's halo
and makes the devil want some wings to try to fly

My ordinary life knows wonder and excitement
and laughter likes to wander in and tarry
so that I wonder if indeed it's true
that this life I claim for me is ordinary

Tried to be ordinary but it didn't suit me so I stopped!
~Carolyn R. Parsons~

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