Watch for my new book of Poetry coming in 2012 entitled "Hope"
Carolyn R. Parsons


Do you still see the brilliant light
inextinguishable and glowing
that rises from within and shines
genuine, rare and knowing?

Is it fair to say you understand
how rare this precious gift is
and treasure it and remember it
and know it will stay with us?

Have you tried to speak the honest words
that linger like a ghost 
and say aloud those sentiments
that your sacred self still hosts?

Have you tallied all the words I wrote
that were printed on the pages
the story recorded in duplicate
and  recorded for the ages?

Are you aware of what is growing
a gift as perfect as the giver
with sincere words flowing easily
like a honest, gentle river

Do you accept hearts are there for following
because they know where you should go?
For, sure as the Phoenix mocks the ashes
you reap precisely what you sow.



Happy New Year, Carloyn ~ Eddie