My life is a cake, red velvet and luscious
frosted with joy and sprinkled with lust
devoured with passion, enjoyed with a fervor
and a plan to stay innocent, to continue to trust

My perfect content is the amber of sunset
the russet that finger paints westward skies
this happy is not a badge for the judging
it is simply the sparkle in my joy filled eyes

My dreams have been sculpted by the spirit of others
whose hearts I hold gently and mould with my soul
I potter the clay with the warm kiln of love
and hope adoration is what they behold

Mornings are white like a canvas before me
I brush all the strokes to create the new scenes
vague on the details, bold in the moments
creating whimsical, silly, impossible dreams

This poet finds joy in the words that are written
no anger, no angst, just perfection in prose
the pen writes the  rhymes and the heart taps the rhythm
a song of the ages that my heart somehow knows


Carolyn R. Parsons


"Friday's Child" ...... where I live..... hauntingly beautiful Carolyn...

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