This Quiet Love

This Quiet Love

This quiet love is wistful
hidden behind a smile that is vibrant
but missing what was
this quiet love sheds tears
for what it knew was not to be
but hoped would for us

This quiet love whispers
to a heart that misses a beat
at the thought of what was lost
this quiet love does not fade
and watches as the counter
tallies up the final cost

This quiet love is stealth
and silent, 
like a mountain meadow
this quiet love is waiting 
for the wind to drop
and the sun to cast a final shadow

This quiet love tastes salty tears
on lips that kissed 
its only one
and does not admit aloud 
that all the quiet love
that was, is not gone

"The fascinating thing about love is not so much that it is miraculous..but that it is at all...enjoy the love you are lucky enough to give and the love you get will take care of itself."


Anonymous said…
Nice, this made me smile!