The Dark Ocean

The Dark Ocean

The dark ocean 
moves to me
in a tide of emotion
it batters hard at 
this rock that is
purely made of devotion

Propriety makes rules
that are meant to 
be easily broken
snapped like a band
stretched to the limit
by words spoke and unspoken

Life makes arrangements
with details and moments
to be lived and enjoyed
even while the heart
in its feline independence
is otherwise employed

Our feet walk down paths
set before us by teachers and guides
But we blaze our own trail
take our own time
and hitch our own rides

The earth spins in space
and we feel not the
breeze of its turning
but its not quite 
that simple, is the truth
I'm finally learning

I am that rock
that is totally
devoted to you
but perhaps just the dark ocean
 loves big and forever
as I do...