Update Time!!!

The best pumpkin in hockey history!  Go Bruins..er...Happy Halloween I mean!

Happy Halloween folks!  Yes it is that time of year when we all get to be whoever we want to be and behind hidden masks do things we would never do if our face was showing!  Kind of unfortunate that it's only behind a mask we do this.  What if we all shed all our year-round masks and were ourselves, our true and honest, core behind the mask personal self.  Oh what a scary thought that is.  Even I, who live my life as large and openly as possible don't feel you need to know every.little.thing. about me.  Like my bra size..completely secret except to a special few. 

And I haven't deliberately been absent from my blog.  My computer was broken but it is fixed now, finally.  I had to depend on the library, then a loaner machine for a few weeks and both limited my online time.  But I'm back now!  Thanks for sticking around!

So..what is up with me.  So much.  I have taken so many turns in my life lately that were unexpected, yet wonderful, that I'm reeling from all the changes.  Word of advice.  Don't make plans.  Or, make them but leave them open ended because, well the universe has other plans and the universe is much bigger!

First up I am taking a lot of full body shots of myself.  Yes, my vanity knows no bounds.  But there is a method to my madness because as part of my new business, with ViSalus Science, I've started using the products and I am losing weight and slimming down at a remarkable rate.  I feel full of vitality and energy and promoting these products is easy because they work and I am the proof.  I don't weigh, never have, never really cared about my size, felt at home in my fluffy body but my health said, nope, gotta slim down and quite by accident these products and this business fell into my path and voila..a complete metamorphosis.  Not a sales pitch, I am not a salesperson, but it is obvious to me now that I was malnourished.  Even with my own cooking from scratch, high quality products, I was deficient in so many things.  After just ten days of optimal nutrition on the program my body was performing better and feeling better and the weight is slipping off.  And since I'm an all out kinda gal, I've now joined a gym, hired a trainer and have plans for a trip to Jamaica in April and damned if I'm not wearing a bikini on that beach!!!

I think we all lose sight of the fact that our physical health is the basis for all other.  That we are body, soul and mind and that in order to optimize our walk on this planet we need to be accountable for caring and feeding all three properly.  I think I've finally got the physical down again.  I feel balanced. 

The best part is that I'm back in business.  I spent quite a bit of my time in the corporate world in the media industry and before that a couple of years in finance at a brokerage firm.  I have a business background but my experience there left me jaded and the thought of working for anyone in that capacity made my soul suck back into my gizzard and hide in fear.  Yet, I LOVE negotiating and networking and being in business.  I also love earning money.  And this new business is giving me all of that.  I love using those skills again.  I have solid credentials, I am a good business person, I'm a good leader and a good manager and I'm building a team that I want to make as successful as I'm becoming in this new venture.  It is wonderful.  It is "happy making!" 

BUT.  You know my first love is writing.  And it is not going anywhere.  So, the novel still gets attention daily.  It is a slow process but it's coming along.   But even more interesting news is that I am collaborating with two friends of mine on a play.  One friend wrote the story and myself and the other friend are adapting it for the stage.  It is fun.  We started on Friday and the goal is to finish a script and then perform it.  And yes I will be one of the actors.  I've got a juicy role, a rich socialite snob apparently.  No acting involved, I am that right now...method actor perhaps!  How will this hippie vegetarian pull that off I wonder? Oh well, I have a faux fur to practice in!

  I am a social person by nature and I love the collaborative type of writing.  As much as I can drown myself in the waters of my imagination during a full out novel writing session, this sort of writing is easier for me because it isn't solitary.   I don't have to force myself to do it!  We had so much fun and got a third of the way through an outline of a script for the play!  Can't wait for our next meeting on Friday.

In addition to all of that, I'm participating in a book fair with 4 other authors at a really cool place called Factory 163.  The event is an art Christmas sale and this year some authors are participating together.  I'm very excited.  I'll be there with copies of The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle.  More details to follow for you local folks who might want to buy some very cool art or fantastic books for those on your Christmas shopping list!

Oh yeah, and I still have those children.  2 are out of the house now and 2 are currently asleep.  Today I also have my beautiful grandson Dante tucked into bed upstairs.  He is spending the day with his Gigi while his mommy and daddy are at work.  What a joy!  And tonight we all don our masks and costumes and head out for candy and treats.  Oh the joy!

But I will be moderate with the treats myself because my body is totally high on nutrition and I'm not bringing it down with junk food.  I like this feeling of being healthy and youthful and vivacious.  It suits me.

Happy Halloween folks.  Wear the masks today but let them slip bit by bit.  It's  better to be hated for being yourself than loved for being somebody you are not! 

Still me in a smaller frame!  Happy Halloween!  Healthy, wealthy and looking for wisdom!