This Close

This close to capturing the moon!
This Close

Remember when we were this close to  perfection?
until it all slipped away like a breath or a sigh
 remember how close we were to that promise
recall how we loved and then said good bye?

Remember the sparks that ignited our fire 
my lips can still taste your sweet gentle kisses
 we had only just started before it all ended
in this life that's a series of near hits and near misses?

Remember the moon that we promised each other
in the dark of the night when our lives were still good
why did we not reap from the love that we gathered, 
the roses that bloom, not the thorns that drew blood?

Was it real or a dream or a lie or a promise
or an illusion like time, to be marked and remembered
if it's gone then why is it here at the moment?
So close once again, so present and treasured

The mysteries of life and of love dance in tandem
with the words of the poet, the ghosts of the bard
 just as we danced when we were together
before we were stripped of the final reward

Perhaps this was all a part of the journey
to love as we can in each moment we live
with a lifetime of promises left unspoken
and a lifetime of love still in us to give