Riches and Wealth!

A much younger Sophia...she's 8 now and a delight!

I recently embarked upon a new career path.  One that I'm finding to be quite lucrative financially.  It is very rewarding to find a way to make money and help people along the way.  I've never been all that motivated by financial gain but stumbled upon this quite by accident and I'm loving the work and enjoying the rewards!

So now, add entrepreneur to my resume.  Don't worry, I'm still finding time to write.  In fact, I'm finding MORE time to write somehow.  Go figure.

Yes, I'm a busy girl with 3 jobs now..that's right because, the most valuable and most enjoyable job I have is being a mom.  I've got great kids and I have one goal for them.  I want them all to be good, kind and happy people.

Yesterday morning I gave each of my girls  money to buy their milk at school.  Milk is .75 cents.  So they should be good for a couple of days right?

But, somebody told me that Sophia spent all of her milk money yesterday!.  Knowing this, I asked her casually if she had bought milk for her lunch.  She said "yes, but I need more money for tomorrow," kind of trying to get around my question a I prompted further and she admitted that she had bought milk for her and 3 of her friends using the money I gave her and some money of her own.

She looked a little afraid, thinking perhaps this might get her in some trouble.  After all, the money was supposed to last a few days.

I asked her if she realized that this might mean she would have no milk for herself for the rest of the week and she said yes, but her friends didn't have any money and they wanted milk.  So she bought it.  She waited anxiously for my response.

I walked over and gave her a big hug and told her I was very proud of her.  She smiled from ear to ear.  I also told her that she should never be worried about being generous, that if she is generous the rewards will come her way.  Perhaps she wouldn't have milk money for the rest of the week but she for sure would have friends and that's even more important.  She agreed because that's what she was thinking all along.

See, money is just a tool.  It can be a wonderful way of getting the things you want and need for yourself and your family.  But it is also a tool for creating good will and sharing.  I want my children to understand that it is OK to have money, that they are entitled to as much abundance and wealth as this world can provide them but that with it comes the amazing gift of being able to share that with anyone you feel like sharing it with.

If my children become millionaires I will be proud of them.  But I am even more proud I am of my little 8 year old Sophia who spent her entire week's money on her friends.  

She has lucky friends.  And I'm one lucky mom!



Author Lia Mack said…
I'd say you're finding more time to write because you're happy about your new adventure, thus getting everything done during the day with more pep to your step :) And your daughter! Wow. I'm proud of her too, what a giving heart :)