Note:  I wrote this just before I left to return to Ontario.  I thought I would post it since it's complete but didn't get posted due to limited internet.  So time warp to two weeks ago...when I was still home.

Bell Island, NL

Bell Island...sea kayaking through here would be fun uh???

It is time.  It is finally time I sat down and updated you all on my busy, crazy, wonderful summer!  I have not had time to sit down and write...though my notebooks are full of ideas and notes for future work.  It has been the most wonderful time.  I have been here, in Newfoundland for most of the summer.

I also have my car.  This is the first time I've ever had my own vehicle on the island and I have put it to great use.  I've driven all over, even the intimidating Streets of downtown St. John's.  Toronto downtown, a piece of cake.  St. John's?  You need a good sense of humour and a bucket of patience in the passenger seat to make it.  But I have.  I've been to the far east at Cape Spear twice and I've been to Change Islands on the north east coast twice.  I am going to Bell Island tomorrow and then back to Change Islands on Monday. 

I love this place. Have I mentioned that?  It's just nicer.  I love the provincial pastimes of complaining about the ferry system and the weather...the lilt of the dialects, the laughter in the voices, the unabashed flirtation of..well just about anybody..the sense of humour, all of it.  It's just different  here.  A good different.  It's home.

The Ontario house hasn't sold yet.  No new house but the plan is still the same.  Find a house.  Find a nice way to supplement my writing and then..write.

I have had a tough time not writing.  Writing for me is like alcohol, well,  for me.  I can do without it but I really prefer not to!  I miss late night writing jags and the thrill of working out a plot hole and just creating my characters lives.   I can only imagine how things will go once I have my quiet writing spot back.  I may disappear completely! 

I have outlined another story and I'm considering a collection of short stories plus a book about Change Islands.  So lots to work on when I settle in.  There will be a book in the spring and of course I do have the poetry book coming out in October!  Watch for it!

Meanwhile watch for my next post...what I did on my summer'll give you some more details on what I did, from Witless Bay to Bell Island, from idyllic starlit Change Islands nights to the Stanley cup parade.  I'll be back soon!