Margarita Evenings and Dark Coffee Mornings

Margarita Evenings and Dark Coffee Mornings

Memories rim-glazed in salted moments
of hands that exfoliated the heated spaces
touched by the one who wandered
both aimlessly and purposefully
into some private places

Juices sipped through salted lips
smiles and slightly inebriated kisses
garnished with a wedge of joy and
 sounds of sighs and laughs at reclaimed
moments and near misses

Sunset a voyeur to the entangled dancers
twilight russet in the universal distance
a cocktail of passion in a village
of lost shakers and wasting away into
 the myriad of second chances

Dawn shakes and stirs and another round
of dark-perked sensual liquid explodes
flowing down hills and lush warm valleys
washing away the salted remnants but a tall cool
margarita evening never erodes

Dark coffee mornings wear nothing but knowing smiles
and a drop of cream to colour the brew
steam rises from strong folded hands, a heavy cup
holds the sensual inhalations that appreciate
refreshments that are sweetened anew.