I Love You.

I Love You

My love is not a heavy weight
or a burden you must bear
it's as light as feathers floating
on a current of warm air

My love is not a cage or box
it is no prison cell
you may leave as you desire
and return again as well

There is no standard you must bear
you're free to be just you
you may cut the path you choose to walk
and pick your own companions too

 It's not a sacrifice I make
I've everything to gain
its the gift without conditions
that should never cause you pain

It's not a pedestal you're on
I know you're just a man
so know that when you make mistakes
I'll always understand 

I don't expect perfection
and I know you too believe
that ideal is impossible
for any to achieve

you're not my whole life's purpose
and I'm not yours I suspect
but I'll always try to treat you  
with kindness and respect

I will never try to change you
for that is not my way
I love the man you are right now
and it's how I hope you'll stay

I don't even need your love at all
for that is yours to share
I just want to give my love to you
and let you know I care

It's pure the way I feel inside
and pretty simple too
forever and with all my heart
I will be in love with you

Love makes sense once you stop trying to make sense out of it.
Carolyn R Parsons