I am Still Here

I Am Still Here

From here the sky is only blue
and from here the sun shines always
in this place right next to you
I bask in the warmest sun rays

It turns out heaven isn't in the sky
as the prophets liked to preach
but next to those we love the most
such that we're always within reach

It may seem like I've been gone too long
and I  wonder if you knew
I've not been gone an instant
for I've been ever here with you

It is so free where I am now
and I'm an angel to you all
I'm here to catch the saddest ones
and those about to fall

If it is a sign of proof you seek
that I didn't wander far
I am in the face of the sun
the flower, not the star

I could have picked a butterfly
or perhaps a rainbow's hues
but the biggest bloom of brightest colour
is the symbol that I choose.

Even midst the whitest winter months
when flowers aren't the norm
I'll find a way to send you one
in some mystical magical form

Watch for me in flower beds
as well as places unexpected
for the love we shared upon the earth
crossed over unaffected!

Loved ones never leave for we are all pure love at our depths and love never dies
Carolyn R Parsons