Poem inspired by two oracle cards I pulled today


As the soft clouds drift cross the heavens
my intentions are strangely renewed
though invisible your presence is strong
and my confidences keenly restored

In the cards I seek some guidance
and answers to direct every wave
of the wand that sends all of my magic
to a conquerour so strong and so brave

Banish the serpent that chokes you
you are strong though you're often in fear
feel the sorcery that travels the ages
and flies miles to reach you out there

Each day marks the rebirth of a hero
with the universe inside his soul
that expands with each moment of victory
and explodes with each step to the goal

You are powerful like a steam train
and your strength is all that I measure
your weaknesses encased in lead
are buried deep in the gorge of forever

Fly swift like the eagle above you
leap high and you'll soon be set free
remember you'll always have magic
and that your forever a hero to me

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