Heads or Tails; You Choose!

Happiness lives here.
I am almost overwhelmed by all the unbelievable good fortune that is coming my way these days.  So many incredible coincidences and synchronous meetings with people who have set me up for an incredible success in a completely new avenue in my writing/artistic career.  And guess what?  I'm not gonna tell you about it.

Nope..see anticipation is fun.  And I'm gonna keep the anticipation going because, truth is, I really don't know where all this good stuff is leading but it's so much fun living in the dream and watching the opportunities unfold before me.

So I'll tell you all in good time.

It isn't going to be all rainbows and unicorns of course.  Life has bumps but I absolutely refuse to focus on them.  They're irrelevant.  I'll get through, I'll not only survive but I will thrive!  Because I have, with practice, learned  how to flip the coin and see the positive side.

One thing is certain..in two days I leave for Newfoundland!  Straight to St John's now instead of a stop on Change Islands first.  This is part of the unfolding mentioned above.  I have to be there to meet with the appropriate people and to study the potential of this new opportunity first hand.

Oh the glorious wonder of being happy!  Can you feel this energy that bounces off the page?  I cannot find the words to express how amazing life is for me right now in every single avenue.  Spectacular.

From the outside it probably looks pretty ordinary.  Kids, school, some writing, bread-baking, lunches with the ladies,  just boring domestication...but internally I seethe with joy. 

I wonder if it's contagious because I have such a huge desire for everyone to feel this way.  Oh I hope so!

And I will bask in it because life tosses curve balls at ya and while I'm not looking for the dark side I know a contrast may appear.  But meanwhile, I'm gonna immerse myself in the wonderful present.  It will sustain me through, well, anything.  This moment right now and the many like it, is what I will reach for when things are rough, as proof of how well things can be.

I was talking to someone the other day about how you can look at things completely differently to change the perspective.  I gave him a few examples.

I remember when I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter Sophia and I was turning left to go into a store..not seeing the car that was coming in the opposing direction.  I stopped just in time and didn't hit him fortunately.  The driver of the other car was frightened however and turned his vehicle around and came back to park beside me, got out and started to barrage me with curse words for nearly hitting him. 

I smiled at him, then looked him squarely in the eye and said, "So you took time out of your day to turn around and come back here for the purpose of yelling at me for NOT hitting you?"

He looked baffled for a moment and then cursed a little more and got in his car and left while I stood there chuckling at how ridiculous the entire thing was.  I had stopped in time.  There was no collision.  All was well.  His anger was such a waste of time.  He could have been feeling positive at the avoidance of a collision with a, "whew, glad she saw me in time," but no, he chose the "that idiot nearly hit me!" emotion instead.  Too bad for him.  He can never get those moments back.

Another example of this kind of change of perspective was from a person who once lamented that, "bad things always happened to him."  This he said in reference to his son having been diagnosed with leukemia at a very young age.  This had been a very difficult time for his family certainly, I cannot and choose not to even imagine what they went through, however, the child beat the odds and made a full recovery and is in his twenties now.  So to this I replied, "I think you're a very fortunate man.  You had a child who survived cancer, that is something to celebrate."  He looked at me oddly and said, "Yeah, I guess you're right, I never thought of it that way before." 

It had never occurred to him to flip the coin.  To look at the other side of it, he was so wrapped up in the memory of the hardship.  But the opposing thought brought a smile to his face.  And we're meant to be happy.  To have fun.  To flip the coin whenever we notice we're focusing on the  negative.

Perspective is everything and you have the ability to change your own perspective on any issue in any given moment.  If you wait for the behaviour of others to make you happy then you are not only asking the impossible, you are giving your  personal power over your life away.  It is good to share your life with others but you need to own your own life and you must take ownership of your own happiness. 

So all is good.  All is right.  All is happy in my world!

Heads or Tails?  How about both?  How about neither?  How about best two out of three?  I'll choose the one that makes me  happiest. Always.

Your perspective is the filter through which you view life...change the filter, change your life.
Carolyn R. Parsons



"The Art Of Positive Thinking!" Yes, I agree totally that it is always to view life in a positive way. There is far too much negativity around in this big bad world.
Good luck with your venture and hope it works out real good for you. Wonder what it is!! LOL
Nice to see you again - come round to my place some time LOL. Hugs ~ Eddie