The Grand Illusion

This grand illusion is their very best friend
it shelters the world from the truth that's within
it covers them with a shroud of deception
so none may discover their heart's imperfection

They created it well, made the perfect decisions
and crafted each act with detail and precision
If the academy voted for movies like these
They'd have statuettes lined up like small silver trees

Sometimes there is just some improvisation
but oft it is planned, a deliberate creation
with each  scripted line upon each written page
they perfects each scene that appears on the stage

The purpose of course would seem their protection
a guise to help ease a heart's new direction
but it's just a feeble attempt to satisfy that heart
so that it may find freedom's brand new start.

Each elicited hatred, a purposeful act
(that they've tried several times to somehow retract)
but with the hope that they now can move on unobstructed
propelled by the play that they've carefully constructed

For their hearts are still chained by the Milky Way
and a love that is magic and determined to stay
though it decided to give up and navigate a course
away from the path it desired the most

It's not working well, though it appears to be perfect
a heart can't be happy if it's not with its soul mate
twins of a love from the beginning of time
are drawn to each other without reason or rhyme

So they act on their stage, perfecting the craft
smiling and talking and quite often they'll laugh
everyone applauds as the curtain comes down
and it'll be worth every effort if peace can be found

lt; <