Do you have something better to do than smile?


I awake to you each morning
familiar, fresh and strong
reaching out and tempting me
teasing me along

You tempt my senses with your heat
and make me want you more
and I hold you in my trembling hands
as I never have before

I crave for you throughout the day
though I know that I should wait
and it's best to savour each moment
as I sit and anticipate

I try my best to resist
but eventually I fold
so I take you in the afternoon 
when you're more intense and bold!

I am addicted and I crave you
your body so hot, so full
yes you are my weakness
and I can't resist your pull

Though I've sampled several others
you're the one who makes me sigh
there is something lacking in the rest
that just don't satisty
So I"ll never ever give you up
you're the one I need the most
you're the coffee that perks me up
and goes best with my toast.